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Residential Training

Residential training is where your dog is boarded and trained at our custom built facility. This gives Jay the opportunity to work intensely with each dog over usually a 4 week period ... essentially providing a ‘crash course’ on the correction of any behavioral issues or protection training. Your pets will be comfortable in our large, heated kennel spaces and a typical day would include 2 training sessions, along with a walk in the surrounding countryside (food included and dietary requirements met). Upon completion of a residential, Jay would run through the aspects that have been worked on with you the client... and over a couple of sessions ensure that the positive behaviors learned are transferred on to yourselves. Afterwards, Jay would be there for support with any more questions or queries.


1-2-1s are available with our head trainer Jay in one hour time slots, and take place at our Total Dog Training facility. Upon your session, Jay would assess your dog and spend some time before hand understanding any behavioral issues or problems a client may be facing, or what exactly they would like to achieve. A plan would then be designed and put into place to accomplish exactly that.

Protection training

Once again available in one hour time slots at our facility, customers can benefit from our range of indoor and outdoor equipment for multiple real life scenarios. But before hand Jay would assess your dog working ability and temperament to determine whether this kind of training is suitable. This training includes personal protection, security training as well as extensive training for a specific sport eg. IPO, KNVP, night trials ect. Through his years of experience Jay has competed and titled multiple dogs, as well as providing countless dogs to the prison service and police force so his knowledge in this department is second to none.

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Here at Total Dog Training, we aim to provide a professional service through gaining knowledge of each of our individual clients needs … in which we’d apply our 15+ years of training experience to design a plan that would ensure that them needs and expectations are met !!